Archiving systems

  We sell a wide range of metal furniture for storage, archiving and storage industries. Our offerings range from simple sets of shelves for home and office and up to the most complex systems for commercial and industrial spaces.

Modular metal shelves

Metal shelving storage system is static, with the strength modularity, these racks are configurable according to the requirements, the carrying and use.Modular metal shelves


Metal shelves

Series metal shelving storage system is a static installation without screws 1800 x 1000 x 400 available in many colors.Metal shelves


Metal lockers

Strength structure steel sheet, profile, top quality, thickness 0.6 mm. Reinforced double doors equipped with ventilation holes.Burglar internal hinges, rounded edges with a radius of 6 mm to protect the user and to ensure a high resistance metal frame. Sides, but the doors are made with longitudinal ribs for stiffening the structure. Slots are provided on the top of the cabinet for proper ventilation.

Metal lockersMetal lockersMetal lockersMetal lockers

 Optional doors can be painted in one of the colors below:Metal lockers Colors

Metal locker cabinet

Made of sheet steel of the highest quality.


  • Locking cylinder, 2 keys;
  • Electrostatic painted;
  • 4 shelves + base.


Metal locker cabinet



Workbench with police work sheet: Workbench with police work sheet
M3 workbench working with shelf laminated beech: M3 workbench working with shelf laminated beech



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