Interior Design

Interior design trends are constantly changing, it's about a interior design or some repairs in case of damage, we have the latest trends in interior designind materials, perform modern finishes and customized interior spaces.
Among the services offered by us include partial or total renovation work, interior personalization.

Interior design services list:

  • - Scraping walls, tiles, carpet, linoleum, terrazzo;
  • - Works partitions and cladding the walls with drywall;
  • - Lining the walls and ceilings with drywall metal structure;
  • - False ceilings, coffered ceilings;
  • - Masks, drywall soffits;
  • - Cladding tiles, marble, terrazzo, decorative or natural stone;
  • - Classical plaster, decorative plaster interior;
  • - Repairs, plastering, paint, finishing walls;
  • - Sills doors and windows;
  • - Laminate flooring, solid, laminated, mounted carpet;
  • - Interior doors;
  • - Level screed, self-leveling screed;
  • - Waterproofing;
  • - Exterior design

Insulation is the easiest and economical way to reduce energy consumption, heating and cooling costs, and environmental protection. The more well-insulated is the house, the more energy can be saved. For use of insulating materials ensure a constant temperature inside and prevent its influence from various climate changes that may occur at a time.