PVC Joinery

With PVC joinery and insulating windows we get a considerable decrease in costs of home heating and the same time it reduces emissions of harmful substances. because it creates a better tightness , Depending on numerous options available of chamber number for a PVC and the ticknees of the insulating glass, it creates a better tightness.
Another advantage is the extremely high lifespan of these profiles, at least thirty years, during which you can enjoy the comfort and tranquility needed with optimal sound insulation. It should be remembered that it eliminates the need to spend money to paint, you should take care of maintenance by simply washing with water and detergent.
This PVC is hardly flammable and does not support combustion, and weather resistance is very high considering the chemical recipes used that guarantees protection for climate differences and aging.
PVC Joinery    PVC Joinery    PVC Joinery